The Holiday Unicorn!

The Holiday Unicorn!



What the unicorn looks like…

She had a sunshine, blue body with clouds and the legs, hooves, which are bright orange. White, bright blue, sparkly tail raises up towards the sky every time the sun shines directly at the unicorn. Has wings, which are like an angel’s wing and a halo on top of her horn. Eyes have the reflection of the Eiffel Tower in the foggy, grey sky.


Where does the unicorn live?

The holiday unicorn lives in France and the particular place in France is Paris. She stays in a holiday house never the ocean and the Eiffel Tower, which is very odd for a unicorn to live in by themselves, she travels around the world the only place she hasn’t been is Australia. As it’s a holiday unicorn she goes on holiday every month and she has been doing it since she was 5 years old in unicorn years but in our years it would be 10 years old.


What does she eat?

She eats pineapple, apple and oranges for fruit and for hot food she eats pizza and spaghetti and meatballs. Her favourite is bubble gum and vanilla ice cream with 100 and 1000s, which are sprinkles.


What dangers her…

What dangers her is dragons because they always aim fire at her and also branches, that have thorns on them as she doesn’t know what they look like still.


Magical Powers…

They are, that she can teleport anywhere in the world to go on holiday there and she has no wings so she can’t fly anywhere in the world, that’s why she can teleport to far places to go on holday.

2 Responses to “The Holiday Unicorn!”

  1. Dear to the person

    1.Its very funny and it describes the unicorn
    2.does she like every fruit or only them sort of fruits can improve by making more Detail

    also I love your work its Amazing. all i have to say its lovely and Well done

  2. Dear to the person
    1.I love the ice cream and sprinkles.
    2.why does it eat hot food on a holiday Because it is sunny.
    3.what person would let a unicorn in a nice clean holiday home on it own .
    4.I think it should have more info about where it likes to go and what it likes to do on holiday.

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