The Legend of the Unicorn

The Legend of the Devil unicorn 


The Devil unicorn, which is a rare species of flying horse, is found near graveyards. Every fortnight unicornologists join up near graveyards to find out more about these dangerous creatures. During recent lock down periods, these winged horse have become more harder to find and have travelled to more secret places.To the delight of many people, the devil unicorn has now been spotted in haunted houses taking advantage of ghosts and demons. However there is more to be discover about this dangerous creature.


Would you be able to recognise a Devil unicorn if you saw one?

They have black fur with a bright red mane. The majority of the devil unicorns have devil horns instead of a unicorn horn. The body of the unicorn is 18 hands and 25 feet wide.

However they are quite hard to find. They eat dead people and other unicorns. 

Furthermore, they have amazing eyesight, they can see things from 200 meters away and they can camouflage so humans can’t find them.


Many people believe that the devil unicorn can kill people in under two seconds but this has yet to be proved. If you believe that one is living in your area it’s probably best to leave.

They like to go to graveyards if you have gained their trust. Remember though, these are cool creatures but do not go near them as they are so dangerous. Let’s keep these cool creatures safe for further generations.


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