The Rainbow Unicorn

The Rainbow Unicorn


There are many different breeds of unicorn, but one of the most famous unicorns are Rainbow Unicorns.  They are soon to be extinct (there are less than 100 left in the whole world), if we leave them alone and preserve their habitat.  Have you ever heard of these fantastic creatures?



Typically, these flying beasts can live in small, fluffy clouds and large, colorful rainbows.  However, they sadly disappear in bad weather, but return when nice, hot weather comes back.  Up in the large sky, Rainbow Unicorns do things with their herds (with approximately 15-30 unicorns in each).



This type of unicorn, has wavy rainbow marking on the thin coat, mane, tail, and spiral horn. Amazingly, it has large rainbow wings that are invisible to most living things except from other unicorns.  They have small turquoise eyes that can see for miles. When placed on rainbows, their little hooves go purple and sparkly.



Rainbow unicorns have a particular diet of fresh red apples and carrots, which have large stems and leaves on them.  Furthermore, they sometimes eat parts of clouds!  These funny creatures only drink rain water, which they get very rarely.  An extra special treat for them would be thick, white cream, that can be found only underneath certain clouds.



These excellent creatures do long distant flying very rarely because they travel with rainbows most of the time!  They like sun and the heat from it. They often sleep on soft, fluffy clouds for 14 hours.  Unfortunately, when rainbows disappear they are unable to fly properly.


Finally, be careful because, even if you ever meet on of these mythical animals and touch them, you will turn into water or even worse ice! Moreover, you will stay like that forever.



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  1. 1. I like how you made the unicorns live on clouds.

    2. Where do they go in bad weather?

    3. You might want to check the first paragraph for double spaces.

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