The storm unicorn

Storm unicorn


The storm unicorn which has a glowing streak of hair as golden as the sun and eyes as blue as the river. A lightning tail that’s was as brittle as a coase and a horn as sharp as a sword.

They live in the cave at the of the  Everest mountain top storm clouds drifted above as the rain ,thunder and lightning rushed down as the wind flew past in a rush.

The unicorn that eats the remaining of many packs, humans anything in drink they fly down to the frozen Atlantic Ocean and crack the ice with their spiky horn.


The rivals of the STORM unicorn is the underwater unicorn that splashes fountains of water that glides through the air crashing against the cave causing it to crumble. The underwater unicorn uses its powerful main to make a force so the lighting rejects the ocean. Additionally the storm unicorn strikes lightning and sends electric streaks through the waves.

The storm unicorn strikes lightning and sends electric streaks through the waves and if she sends lightning bolts that hit the surface and causes the world to shake as bad as an earthquake and causes the sea to drown.


One Response to “The storm unicorn”

  1. Maya-North Denes May 24, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    1.I like your work as it gives you description about what the unicorn looks like and it’s personalities.
    2.What made you come up with the idea of a storm unicorn?
    3.If I was you I would calm down a little bit with what it looks like.

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