The thunder unicorn by William H

The Thunder Corn


The Thunder corn( which is an amazing type of unicorn),is found in thunder clouds by people who looked out their window in airplanes.Every day unicornolologists gather and send drones up into the sky to look for the Thunder corn.


Surprisingly  you would be able to recognise a Thunder corn if you saw one but that’s the easy bit the hard bit is finding.They have very long tale, powerful wings also great quick thundering hooves,thundering along the clouds above us.


In addition it has amazing abilities  such as it can fly, walk on clouds, run faster than a bullet and the Thunder corn can also make thunder.Amazingly they don’t use their powers for evil they only fight back if they are frightened  however  that isn’t likely because everyone likes the Thunder corn.


Did you know that the best way to see a Thunder corn is to buy its favourite drink?

Coca Cola,bring it outside and it will swoop  down to come and get it but be careful you don’t get caught in it’s thunder strength.


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