The Volcano Unicorn By Ella S

The volcano unicorn


The volcano unicorn has lava dripping down its muzzle.

Also a red hot horn to worn off its enemies.

Amazingly these are beautiful but dangerous creatures.

During lock down more have been spotted.


They also have strong hooves for flying.

Plus they say if you touch the tip of its tail you will be cursed.

In Addition its ears have very strong and good 

hearing for prey.


You will mostly see the volcano unicorn near the volcanos 

But since lock down more have been spotted 

In town.


It eats lava rocks mostly but its been eating all of the

Bread in the market so stock up on food it’s also drinks lava. 


The predators are the spirit unicorn and the dark unicorn.

How ever its prey is normal horses and other unicorns

But no invertebrate animals.


And amazingly these animals have been seen as pets.

But like I said you should think about your safety first. 


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