Ugly Unicorn

Ugly unicorn



Around the world, there are many different species of unicorn. It is believed that one of the rarest has been spotted for the first time just this year . After years of research and delving through a mountain of rubbish , [the ugly unicorn – the most important] was finally spotted this year .



As small as a mouse the ugly unicorn is a bright green and has one spike as a horn it has bright red eyes and a dusty brown coat with a wort on its forehead .



Normally they eat bin food and their favorite bin food is a half eaten salami platter [that has started growing mold] but when they are feeling sad they eat all their favorite food like ice cream,Doritos, pizza, chips and burger.



They live behind bins in the UK,sometimes they wander into people’s  houses and bury themselves into the dampest, darkest places in the house or in the smelliest of socks.



They like to eat everything so keep them out including eating/stealing your food.


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