vira unicorn ava n


The sea unicorn 


It has a purple body and a light pink horn,golden hooves with a dark blue mane . A light blue diamond on her head that shimmer in the dark .


The sea unicorn can breath under water and transform into a normal unicorn ,the ability to fly however most sea unicorns species can not fly because they don’t have wings but this unicorn may not have wings but the diamond only glows flor the queen of sea unicorns  that has special powers no unicorns have .


It lives on the cost of mermaid coral beach  


The diet of this animal is coral ,seaweed ,sea salt ,salty water ,shark fins ,jellyfish ,puffer fish 


The prey of this animal is sharks ,jellyfish and pufferfish.



This animal has no predators; it is worshiped by all land and sea animals because they are  scared that the sea unicorn  queen will turn into workers .

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