All about the fire unicorn

This magnificent unicorn is the most intriguing out of all animals. Not everybody knows it’s the fastest unicorn in the entire world at a blistering 200,000 mph! 


The fire unicorn has a humongous lava horn that blows out burning lava and hooves made of smooth vegan leather. It has red and blue hair that can be used as a cracking whip. The way they look can camouflage them into rocks. Occasionally, they would un-camouflage so that they could play with allies.


 Mostly, this fascinating creature, who loves hot places, lives in the center of the earth because it wants to protect its babies. But sometimes the fire unicorn can’t dig down because it doesn’t have enough strength to dig down so they make a temporary home under the sea so they can gather enough strength to dig down. They love to live in hot places but it is fine living in water but they have to get out of the water more often than they would get out of their normal habitat.


Occasionally, they would eat chewy hay and warm water but only on magical occasions. They would normally eat lava rocks and nickel and drinks hot water from the springs nearby. It does not like cold water but only drinks cold water as a sacrifice if any of their allies or family die. They have to keep a healthy diet or else their flame will disappear and they would be vulnerable

To hypothermia and would start to call for help by emitting a scent that smells like banana so don’t open a banana near a fire unicorn.


They would normally prance around a volcano for fun and play fire tag with their friends. They have adapted so they could scent if a sea unicorn is nearby without using eyes or ears! They are natural enemies because they have once killed the king of fire unicorns so they have developed a 6th sense called radar. Generally, they would not attack any animal except the sea unicorn that will be an enemy for generations.


Be careful because they could stomp into your room and knock you out as you are reading this!


Thank you for reading this report!

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