Chapter 1: In the Emporium

Little Ben was always a worrier, even when there was nothing to worry about. One day he was on the street walking home. He was alone and worried he was going to get kidnapped, so he ran into the nearest shop and this was the start of the adventure.

He opened his eyes and they glared into the emporium. The walls were like a fancy liquorice wrapper and the floors were as red as a ruby. The lights were like fire flies and the podiums holding the items were made from 1000 year old oak. He first looked at a stack of pancakes that were from the vault of the butter barn. Next was a diamond crown from king Oro’s skull, then was an antique, posh clock made from an enchanted tree. But what was interesting was a magical fish tank with fish made from a silky sap.

“Do you like the fish?” asked a voice. Little Ben turned around to see a old man.

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