The secret emporium

The Secret Emporium Prologue 

They may be some places no one has been before. The Secret Emporium was kind of like that. 


Even though at Halloween, the gardens are spooky or coloured lights sparkle like gemstones glittering. Even though, the costumes seemed to be real and would scare you away or creep you. Even though, the displays were piled high with rainbow coloured sweets of every shape and size, like a treasure chest over spilling.        

But no one ever entered. The cupboard was covered in cobwebsIt was as if the cupboard was made for Halloween time, but no one enters. Not until Lucy found the cupboard. 


Chapter 1 – Through the Door 

Lucy had always been curious, and her mother had often warned her that it would lead into trouble. One lovely morning, she was in her mum’s room cleaning when she saw something unusual about the cupboard. For once, the cupboard was whispering Lucy’s name, so she secretly sneaked into the cupboard. Without thinking about it. 


Everything she looked at, it was packed with secrets and questions that she wanted to touch. She saw a silver cage of canaries hanging from the ceiling and their song filled the dark room. A massive mansion on a shelf with light reflecting on to it, casting shadows. Loads of hand painted pictures hanging on the wall together. On one counter, a bowl of sweets glittered invitingly. There was a display of phones ring one by one, plastic fruits and China dolls singing along. Coloured bamboo umbrellas swung from a wooden beam making seem as if the ceiling was rainbow. But what interested Lucy most all was an old leather-bound book. As she turned the pages, the writing seemed to spring alive, and the letter swarmed like ants forming different pictures. 


“I see you’ve found my book of wondered,” hissed a voice. Lucy suddenly stopped and closed the book and look up to the shop keeper. She was a young woman whose eyes shone like rubies. On her shoulder perched a rainbow parrot. It shook its head disapprovingly. 


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