Meia and Charlotte

The Devil Unicorn


Beware:These animals are deadly!!!


The Devil Unicorn,which has jet black eyes,lives in the deep dark woods.This venomous creature has a sparkling ruby red horn which opens up and a deadly snake appears for protection from strangers.If you ever come across this poisonous beast, beware! Their fur is grey-black and their horn is as long as seven ice cream cones.


WARNING!! These creatures are deadly. If you ever encounter one, beware because they run as fast as a cheetah(130km).If I were you, I would run! This species of unicorn has an amazing sense of smell.The  Devil Unicorn drinks Angel unicorn’s  blood and chews the remains of their wings.The Devil Unicorn likes to brutally murder any type of intruder.Beware this creature hates Angel Unicorns so if you own one, never enter the deep dark woods! 


These incredibly deadly creatures’ behaviour is very strange: they like to dance to joyful music with a pink fluffy tutu on.When these animals get distressed, they stab  their horn into a tree and eventually cut it down.If the Devil Unicorn knows you, it will try to be nice but if you are an intruder, it will try to kill you! If you look into this monstrous creature’s eyes, you will be haunted forever.


By Charlotte and Meia

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