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Ocean unicorn


                   The ocean unicor is surprisingly still around! It is stated that the ocean Unicorn is still                  

                             Around. There are many breeds of unicorns ad some say there not real but other     

                             People are saying the opposite. Would you be able to identify an ocean unicorn if

                             You saw one? In fact they are very different to other unicorns because they live in

                              The ocean.




                    Most of the time the ocean unicorn is seen as having light blue silky fur,

                              No wings, golden and white hooves and a very short tail. Most of the time

                              They are very hard to see because they are the colour of the sea water.

                              They don’t have wings but they are able to breathe in the water. Sometimes 

                              You can see packs of ocean unicorns! 






The ocean unicorn usually eats anything that looks yummy. Sometimes they go up to the surface and  

Eat crabs! Their favorite foods are Seahorses, sharks, walruses and oysters. the ocean unicorn is a     

 very picky eater so that is all it eats sand!  It is very crazy how it eats sand when it’s starving.The ocean

unicorn usually eats anything that looks yummy. Sometimes they go up to If you ever find an ocean 

Unicorn you should feed it crabs!




Amazingly Ocean unicorns don’t live on the surface actually they live at the deepest part of the ocean so 

There aren’t many places to live at the bottom of the ocean but the there ocean are a few place were you 

Can be down there. The ocean unicorn usually lives in ocean ruins but it is so powerful that it can dig to 

The ocean bed! The ocean unicorns used to live where the titanic sunk but they moved to england where 

They would be safe.




Ocean unicorns’ behaviour is wherever they walk the sea follows them. Most children ocean unicorns’

Love to play around and the most popular sea food for them is sushi and crab! Most parent ocean 

Unicorns go away and get crabs and steal some sushi for their children. The ocean unicorns can

Sometimes they get really angry but other than that they are kind and loving! Additionally ocean unicorns 

Eat black tinned olives from the shop! Ocean unicorns get angered very easily so be warned and be 

Kind. There are 69,420 ocean unicorns on this earth right now! Hopefully nobody harms any of them

Because they have magic in their horns.


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