Lava unicorn

The lava unicorn has boiling hot skin like lava. The lava unicorn looks like it is cute and cuddly animal but NO it is a beast which blows out fire to protect it’s self from any one coming too close . The lava unicorn feels like all volcanos are her family now that is why she lives more close to volcanos than any other unicorns. At night the lava unicorn goes out to find some food in the forest then when she finds the food she will climb up a volcano an will dump the fruit in the lava to have it nice an hot

The personality is like so disturbing an when she is stinky she would go in the lava and have a bath an that explains how she got boiling hot skin and she is also good at being invisible to go in the forest and get some Food
Surprisingly she is capable of being invisible bathing in the lava without getting burnt breathe out fire like no other unicorn

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