My devil unicorn

The Devil Unicorn or The devil’s Daughter:


She has eyes as black as tar and ears as thin as dust, she lives in the deep, dark,gloomy,deadly shadows of a unicorn and when she feels powerless she will drink the blood of a hopeless unicorn and will eat their souls or hearts! She can turn you to concrete stone in 2 seconds with one sair in her petrifying ,bloody eyes. Her wings are as cold as the protoplanetary Boomerang Nebula, which is the coldest thing in the whole world and are as black as the colour vantablack which is the blackest thing in the whole world. Also, it is believed that she has no regrets of feelings so she can do everything she wants without having any distractions, which is so cool!! Every full moon her horn will grow 5cm and now she is 20 her horn is 100cm!! Some People believe that her horn is dead and doesn’t work but some people believe that her horn is so powerful that it makes people think it’s broken so they can put their guard down and be armless and after looking in her crawl,petrifying eyes for a second they will turn to concrete,hard stone.

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