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The cloud unicorn 

The cloud unicorn has fun fascinating facts and a magical history. Many are found but

soon they will be extinct due to the sun unicorn that takes all the clouds away. Keep

reading to find out about the cloud unicorn. Did you know that cloud unicorns have been

around for 66 million years? They are actually important as they protect the clouds and

therefore they are still up in the sky today!



Would you be able to know a cloud unicorn when you see it? Well cloud unicorns are

always near clouds, sometimes they come on to earth to have a peek at the insects.

Amazingly here’s how to spot one: they have a long pearl mane with a beaming horn

poking out of its muzzle, it has black eyes you can get lost in and it’s fur is as soft as the

softest cloud you can ever touch.



Interestingly, their natural habitat is in cloud mountain where the mountain is extremely

high, It’s up to the clouds! It’s a long way from food resources so most unicorns don’t go

there which means the cloud unicorns can stride freely. Often their traces are spotted in

nearby woods but no one has ever found where they lead to as after a few minutes of

walking the trail stops which means they’ve taken off to fly back to cloud mountain.

Shockingly, cloud unicorns are independent and pick up details very easily to help them

know whether their home is safe or not.



Interestingly, cloud unicorns don’t eat insects or any living animal or human being they

actually do no harm, they would even be safe to keep as a pet! Cloud unicorns are

herbivores with means they only eat plants but sometimes they take a bit of a cloud and

slurp whatever extract comes out. Shockingly, they are very gentle living creatures and

always try to give their food to other insects or birds. If you ever want to touch one you

can either take a car journey to a place where you can see many clouds gathered round

and you might just spot one washing off in the lake or rock pool. ‘How to lure them in and what to feed them?’ well you may ask just that question ‘what do they eat?’ well you may just have these items laying around in your fridge or fruit bowl: carrots, pears and strawberries it has the same nutrients they need to keep them going.




Most people believe that if you see a cloud unicorn all your dreams will come true. For further Information, scientists have been checking their DNA to see what clues they can find for its power. Ever since people have been hunting cloud unicorns for the last decade. The majority of unicorns don’t have such delightful power. Cloud unicorns usually go out for a morning welcome to earth but very rarely they are seen. People have gone missing looking at the cloud unicorn for 2 weeks and then returned safely to the exact spot where they were taken. ‘Why?’ you may ask nobody knows.  



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