Portentis Chapter 1 By Zac

They are shops what people avoid, the portentis was one.

Even If you could smell hot chocolate In the freezing winters. Even If there was crystal lights on the shop. Even If you could smell freshly baked steak pie topped with golden thick gravy. 

Even If there was a million different types sweets displayed at the front of the shop.

Zac always went past the shop looking If It was open he was always curios why his great grandma said dont go into that shop.But one day, the shop was open. Had had a bright sign saying portentis is now open. And he did the unthinkable he walked in.

Everywhere he looked it was filled with dark times. And stuff what made him want to look away he  saw a picture of the end of the world with falling stars.The broken harts of children loosing there favourite toy. Manchester united roaring over loosing the premier league.The crackle of thunder hitting earths crust.

“I see you found my book of dark times” hissed a voice His moth fell open he put the book down he turned around there stood a man in the shadows.

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