Rainbow Unicorn


The rainbow unicorn sprinkles rainbow dust out of its horn that glows in the dark and the dust that comes out makes your wishes come true.


Most unicorns live in a forest but the rainbow unicorn lives inside of the rainbow where it is all colorful and glittery. 


Usually have normal horns,wings,hair,tail  but the rainbow uncorn has magical ones where the horns glow in the dark. The wings are hard as a metal but we won’t expect that and smooth silky tail.


Unicorns mostly eat healthy but the rainbow unicorn has sweets and chocolate and she is also allergic to healthy food.


Some unicorns like to do unicorn stuff  for when they’re bored but the rainbow unicorn likes to play, sing, sleep and do other weird stuff.


If you ever meet a rainbow unicorn then you are the luckiest person ever because she is so sweet but she can curse you when you are mean to her.


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