Sakura Unicorn

Sakura Unicorn

Did you know that Sakura Unicorn’s can live up to 10000 years old?Sakura Unicorns Plant Cherry Blossom trees as they walk however as they pass another Sakura the plant dies 


Come find me!


Sakura Unicorns have black midnight fur and a shadowy main, you will notice the Cherry Blossom petals laid on top the back. Pinky Red wings that flap around viciously


Peek a’ boo 

Sakura Unicorns can be found lurking around dead forests and royal cemeteries. Furthermore Sakura Unicorns are very antisocial that is why they keep hidden away from people. These wonderful creatures can also be found in the cities terrorising  little children’s homes eating their heads then  amazingly putting their masterchef to the test by  baking dogs, making them into pancakes and graciously sharing them with the owners


How i behave…

Sakura Unicorns sound nice but believe me,you’re incorrect.Sakura Unicorns like to spread their time cooking dogs and eating children’s heads and arms. Fun Fact Sakura Unicorns hate eating the bruises of children! Sakura Unicorns love cooking here are some of her dishes : Blood Drain soup,

Salty children heads, Lion heart cookies ( With real lion hearts ) Pocky sticks,

Ramen with no eggs and moji moji soup with cherry flowers.

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