The sea lightning unicorn by Savannah

The Sea Lighting Unicorn

The Sea Lightning Unicorn is amazingly talented in many different ways and now has become extremely 

rare. These creatures are royal and a mixed creation that turned out loved and respected.


Beauty of a Master

Covered in an azure peacock space blue body, pulsing lightning around the outside of its body, golden 

hooves, swaying ocean eyes with fish pupils flopping around and an icicle white mane.


Thrones and JHJJJJomes (homes) 

The Sea Lightning Unicorn lives in Horizon city, The temple of horsitzu, The floating ruins. The basic 

normal sea and lightning Unicorns just live in a village called the “keepers village” they protect an 

ancient artifact on an island where lightning is there element and surrounded by the water element that 

they also control. However, the Sea Lightning Unicorn can visit and stay for months, the unicorns that 

live on that island only have one element, ethier lightning or water because of this they are very special 

unicorns that are pink and traditionally wear “tiki masks” for their culture. The jungle island they live on

they enjoy incredibly the location will be hidden forever.


Family Food 

Sea Lightning Unicorns love to eat diamond bananas witch have a watery flavor and a shocking 

taste. They also like to eat gold watermelon for its fresh juicy taste that squeezes all over their body 

while they eat it. Also roast dinner strangely with a rice bowl on the side. They like to eat their favourite 

foods on tropical islands (or garden where there pool is and sandy floor) where its boiling hot and have a 

coconut cup with any type of fruit they desire. But when their food is not fantastic they just eat it in a 

traditional hut.

Amazing Abilities

The Sea Lightning Unicorn can send a water shock up 10 meters and around them 10 metres if they 

jump three times if they niegh they can send a lightning shock at you if they twinkle their eyes they shut 

down power in the building they can shapeshift into a human. (we ran out of time our class to write)

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