Space unicorn

Space unicorn


There are many unique unicorns but the most unusual yet unique unicorn is the space unicorn. Some call it the night unicorn since it controls the moon. This is why it’s very important.


It is known that unicorns have horns, but the majority of space unicorns don’t have horns. The ones that do are the strongest out of 100 unicorns which means that there are 50 – 70 of them that have horns. They have long, fluffy hair that is an exquisite royal blue colour, has diamond white eyes that look like an eternal whirlpool and some have a gold, shimmery horn that can grant more wishes to a person than a genie in a lamp. Its hooves are as strong as 3 metal bars and they use it to defend themselves. Its body is very durable but its senses are quite bad. Their ears are nearly as pointy as a fennec fox. Only some can shapeshift to protect themselves from human predators. They also come in different colours. Some come in white, black or a pastel blue. It also has a human type feature. It grows white hair when it’s old. Males lose more hair than females do.


The reason why its called space unicorn is because they live in space. Most live on the moon. They are actually endangered species. There about 5000 – 7000 estimated to still be alive. The reason is because they are wanted to be experimented on and they can be eaten. Some of them might possibly live on different planets that we might not know of. The real question here is, have you ever tried a unicorn before?


You have probably wanted to know what they eat. Well they can not eat proper food because they are obviously magical creatures and they need to stay that way to be even called that species. They also have to eat it to survive in space. They usually eat asteroids ( rocks ) and newborn stars. Well most like them usually the old ones like old stars. On very rare occasions, they eat humans when they are near;y starving to death. Some pass away because they can not sense any humans because their senses aren’t good. They are also hard to hunt yet easy. They are strong and have bad senses. Despite the fact that they are strong, they may have difficulty fighting. Space unicorns use their horns to stop asteroids to get food or jump on the asteroid ( since they can jump really far ) and get a big chunk and jump back. Perhaps its best to keep them alive for us to stay alive. We need the moon.


Ever wondered what they do for fun? Well they play games such as tag. They either use their hooves or horn to get each other. They also play catch with rocks  if they think it’s a bad one. Weirdly, they go and jump onto stars when playing hide and seek. That is very unexpecting. They also do races. It is rumoured that a few have travelled to Earth during the last 3 years.


IF you have ever seen one in real life, then keep it a secret. It’s for your own good. They are kind creatures so it’s unlikely they will attack you unless they find you threatening. Don’t worry so much though. Walk up to it slowly. Do not always have eye contact with it or it may find you trying to intimidate it. If it bows its head or lights up its horn, that means you have gained its trust. Keep it safe as well. Another reminder. Do not tell anyone. ANYONE!

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