The moon unicorn

The moon unicorn


There are a variety of unicorn’s but the most amazing type if the moon unicorn. There has been on going research but not is Known about them because of their amazing camouflaging powers and fast feet.


Can you ever recognise a moon unicorn if you see one? Interestingly, these type of species has a long glistening, the body of a fit horse and their hives as delicate as glass. In addition their colour of their skin is midnight blue and their hair waves in the wind. Be aware there has been sightings of these types of unicorn but in may different colours. It is thought that the ability to change the colour of their skin is to help them when the are searching for food.   



The moon unicorn, who is a very picky eater, likes to vary the food that it eats. The species favourite food is the dark chocolate that are floating around in space. Once in a blue moon they will ome down to earth and eat a lot of fruit and vegg. Weirdly, these moon unicorn do not go on a diet like all the other unicorns. Leges and myths say that these type of species will sometimes they will eat other species or they will feast on family or relatives.


It is known that the moon unicorn live on the moon. These creators live in a climate that is colder than the Artic and Antartic combined. Interestingly, these brave animals can die of the dropping cold weather. 


These kind and caring animals like to help the injured and go down to earth and help the needy the poor and the homeless. There kind spirt can cheer up the somber and the sad to raise the spirt around.


Be aware, the animals are at the brink to being extinct so if you see one in your local area make sure you don’t tell anyone.     

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