The Water Unicorn

Unicorns have many different species but one of the rarest species is the Water unicorn. One of the known facts about these creatures is that they’re the only species with a tail similar to a mermaid.


Have you ever wondered where these majestic  creatures live? Water unicorns, who swim deep in the ocean, live where some of the lost cities stand including Atlantis. To know where other families live, they mark their homes with gems such as aquamarine and sapphire. As well as living in lost cities underwater, some of them live in Lairs underwater, because there is a 20 percent  chance that they’ll be found.


Do you wonder what these wonderful creatures look like? The water unicorn has eyes the colour of pools, gradient scales on its tail, a crystal horn as sharp as a knife and an aqua mane as soft as silk. Water unicorns have pearlescent hooves and celeste ears. Each water unicorn has some sort of tattoo of water in its forms. Weirdly, all the female water unicorns have exotic flowers in their mane.


These unicorns like food that seafood lovers eat . Similarly, to humans water unicorns eat foods such as seaweed and crustaceans. These creatures hunt their prey by using their horns, this is an alternative to a dagger. Interestingly, these unicorns are pescatarian which means they eat seafood, fish and plants. Unusually, these creatures can store food because chances are some families can’t find food to eat.


Have you ever wondered how these unicorns spend their time? The majority of them study stars like centaurs, sing paradiscally, explore the ruins and look out for humans. The minority of them run around, collect gems and look after unicorn babies. Surprisingly, intelligent and fun-loving describe these unicorns.


Would you like to know we shouldn’t keep them to ourselves? These unicorns love nature and never want to leave home. If you see one don’t tell anyone and run straight home. If you think there is one in your area it is recommended not to tell. Never check to see where one lives. 

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