The City unicorn

The City unicorn..

The City unicorn is a very rare unicorn. They are found in a legendary building. Not many people have found it before. Surprisingly, the City unicorn can breathe out brick dust and teleport to places in the City. They can destroy many things, buildings, shops, cars, roads and more.


What they look like..

The City unicorn has their horn as the Eiffel tower, their mane has specks of the shard, their hooves have the shape of Big Ben, their skin is particles of the London Eye and their wings is parts of a building.


What do they eat and do?

They eat all sorts of stuff like: cars, lamp posts, roads, glass buildings, bricks etc. They do a lot of stuff, jump from building to buildings, they can ride on the London eye (only when no one is watching). They roam the streets at night scavenging for food.

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