The diamond unicorn

The diamond unicorn
The diamond unicorn is a part of a very rare species (they really should be left alone). If you intimidate them, they bite and their bite makes them a rare species. The reason why they are very rare is because their bite turns you into a special stone which can sell for over a million pounds. You thought I was done about their super powers, well you are wrong, if they breathe on you it freezes you forever. Some people try to get bitten and then have their friend break them out so they have a lot of money. However, when their friend comes near it freezes them.
Many people believe that they live in the ocean, but some people claim that they live in lava, however this equally could have been a lava unicorn that can turn you into fire. Scientist believe that there are only two to three diamond unicorns with their power in the world and if you are ever lucky enough to see one, remember to keep your distance.

The diet of the unicorn is very specific as it only eats: diamonds mainly (sapphire), and ice. Maybe this is why they have their astonishing power. According to witnesses, they live on Emerald Island. Nevertheless the WFFDU (World Fight for Diamond Unicorns) do not want their positions to be leaked as they are on the brink of extinction.

By Harry Lyle

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