the dog unicorn

The Dog Unicorn

The dog unicorn, which can be kept as a pet, lives in kennels. During lockdown  periods sadly, these adorable creatures have been kept inside. Being a descendant from the wolf unicorn people love looking at the different breeds.


The most common color of the dog unicorn is brown but we recently discovered they also come in yellow, spotty, white and even black. The brown unicorn has silky chocolate colour fur and a darker brown mane. The main feature of this extraordinary creature is its sharp jaws, that stayed as they evolved from their wolf unicorn ancestors. The spotted unicorn has beige fur and brown spots. The yellow unicorn is a pastel yellow color and has a snow white mane. The white unicorn surprisingly enjoys rolling around in mud so they are often mistaken for their charcoal cousins the black dog unicorn. They are the rarest of all dog unicorn breeds. We only have one picture which was taken in 1723. All the breeds have the same eye colour, a magnificent orange!

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