The Emerald Emporium

There are some places where no one ever wants to go and that was the emporium.

Even though the lights are sparkling out of the window. Even though posters are are saying to come inside. Even though you can smell fresh cookies coming out of the oven. Even though there is a fountain with fresh water. Even though the tress are carved as swans.

One sunny afternoon Bella heard that there was a new emporium open. But her mum never wanted her to go missing. She was walking down Losy Lane until she noticed people queuing outside of the emporium. The door was wide open so she decided to step in.

Everywhere she looked she saw, items from the future that she wanted to have. She saw a crystal clear chandelier with not a spec of dust on. She saw scarlet red roses that looked freshly picked in a vase. She saw a delicate teddy with a fuchsia pink dress. She saw a vintage dress folded up. She saw a little jar of multicoloured sweets. Then she saw a book which said the book of dreams as she flicked through the pages the words seemed to disappear.

“I’ve seen you have found my book haven’t you ?” Came a voice Bella looked around but didn’t see anyone.

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