The Rose Emporium- Alahna

There are places where no one goes. The Rose Emporium was like that.

Even through at Christmas, the tinsel Hung from the door and shimmered in the moon light. The toys in the window waiting to be bought. The light in the window shimmering multicoloured and brightening up the shop.

But no one has ever been seen in the Rose Emporium. It was to dark and glum to enter. Until Emma did.

Chapter 1

Emma had always loved exploring all around town her mother hated it because she might get stolen. Emma was walking down Upton Street. She saw a new shop called the Rose Emporium. Emma walked in.

Everywhere she looked it was packed with age antiques and she wanted to touch it. She saw a monkey swinging on vines that hung down toy falling of the shelf and a vase of flowers.

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