The anything emporium.


Man hasn’t discovered everything. The anything emporium was like this. 

Even though, come spring the scent chocolate eggs of all colours and size would make your mouth duel as you walked passed. Even though books of wisdom, character and unusual, unbelievable stories waiting to be told were sat there. Even though, potions, remedies of craziest scents were there.

No one ever came. The jet black door frame and ebony handle the unwelcoming onyx shadows lurking around the corner scared anyone away. Except Lilly…

Chapter 1 

Every day Lilly would walk past your mysterious building one Monday morning the door was open a crack. Lilly pulled back the door and stepped in.

Everywhere she looked it made her gasping wonder. She could see a bat hanging from the jewel embedded baby mobile. As she peered up to watch the nimble bats set off, Lily noticed the milky way like ceiling and bright bulging walls. Lilly glanced up at a book, filled with childhood memories and precious secrets. She stared up in wonder, at the beautiful hand-painted china doll and a small antique pram. Lilly gazed at a shelf of peculiar potions, seagrass and lime, raspberry and lemon powder. She herd continuing chirps of canaries, benevolent buzzing bees and musical melodies. But, the thing that caught her attention was a brown leather book. While Lilly turned thr pages, her head was overwhelming with ideas.

“I see you have been enjoying the read of my Book Of Amazements.” Lilly jumped and clamped the book shut. She peered up at the tall man and took a wild guess that it was the owner. Sat on his shoulder was the bat. When the man smiled, his teeth glistened like pearls.
“The shop was closed,” the man said trying to sound polite.
“Oh, but the door was open,” Lilly said, beginning to sweat.

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