The elsewhere emporium


There are some shops where no one goes to the elsewhere emporium is one of them. Even though the things in the windows were so luring. Even though the walls where so glittering. Even though the smell was so magnificent no one ever entered until Miguel.

Chapter one

Miguel slowly moved his head around the room, everywhere he looked there were books, toys and maps of the forbidden lands there was. Something in particular at caught his eye a shelf of models of ships, aeroplanes and a model of what seemed to be a dinosaur. Suddenly a voice called from behind saying “are you impressed” 

Miguel replied with “sure am are you the owner?” 

He then said “indeed I am yourself in my rooms if wanted. ” Miguel turned around and looked at an old and weaved book it seemed yellow. Miguel reached to grab the book the man shouted “hey get off! “Slapping his hand

“I am Daniel Laruso this is my emporium and there is only one rule DON’T TOUCH MY BOOK!” He said slowly.

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