The Garden Unicorn By Amelia

The Garden unicorn

The garden unicorn, who has a horn as beautiful as a ray of sunlight, is always nurturing the roses. The beautiful coloured main is amazingly the only main that can save a rose’s life. Every where they walk a trail of flowers are left behind, this happens because their hooves have magical seed in them so everywhere they walk new flowers grow instantly behind them. Their horn has the power to cure any plant in the world.  This unicorn can surprisingly control earthquakes but you don’t want to be near them when they are angry because they can turn you in to a weed and can create earthquakes with a stamp of it’s hoof.

It has pearl white coat as soft as a feather and its horn is a pale pink like the sky when the sun sets. It has a flower wreath around it’s neck. Their main is a creamy white and is filled with different kinds of flowers but sometimes they have no flowers in their main to symbolise they have a close relationship with a human. Their pupils are shaped as roses and the colour of their eyes are commonly pale pink and pale blue but the Queen of Garden Unicorns eyes are golden and her main is pale pink. She has the most beautiful flower in the universe even the flowers from the sun. This queen is rarely ever seen and has a bright glow shining of it’s main.

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