unicorn fact file

The volcano unicorn is a beautiful creature with a delicate horn that is a mini volcano, and when it erupts it dies the fur of the creature bright red. When the lava mixes with water turns in to hot magma. It has hoofs made out of coal and wood that when around fire start to burn and destroys everything it touches. Its main and silky tail are made out of scorching hot fire. You can easily tell the female from the male as their bodies are pure black with streaks of lava running down their bodies. During recent lockdown periods, it has been spotted in more urban areas including a recent bonfire on Warble Road.

The volcano unicorn’s habitat is just as hot as the creature itself and as you may guess is a volcano, Mount Vesuvius to be exact. It is said that the great eruption of 79 Ad was just the mother unicorn giving birth; the volcano unicorn gives birth to hundreds of babies every decade. As deadly as this creature’s home seems it is actually very welcoming, and if its cold out they always have the heating on so you don’t catch a cold. Many people refer to them as the shooting star of the land as they role around while on fire making a shooting star effect, so next time you think you are wishing on a star it might just be the volcano unicorn flying past to say hello.

The volcano unicorns have many hobbies like: juggling, eating fire, drinking tones of hot sauce, lighting fire pits and melting things. These creatures may sound friendly but you must be extremely cautious around them as humans are seen as a threat and when they are threatened they explode with fire and they activate their lasers that can and will destroy anything in their path. Let’s keep these graceful and bold creatures safe for future generations.

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  1. Amazing! How did you think of so much info? In the last sentence, check the word got, did you mean to say go?

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