The sea unicorn


The sea unicorn, which can spit at a  100mph, lives in underwater caves and the darkest depths of the sea bed. This is because it does not like people or other creatures due to it being easily hunted by other unicorns.


The sea unicorn is very frightened by other creatures and doesn’t trust people easily. To relax they collect seashells and pearls  to add to the sandcastles that they make daily. They keep their sandcastles on the beach but some keep them in their homes.


Weirdly the sea unicorn has green skin instead of blue to blend in with seaweed but some have golden scales and only a couple have purple scales the sea unicorn is not a fighter but if it needs to defend it self it can spit a cannonball of water, swim super fast and glide like a  Exocoetidae but the cloud unicorn can effortlessly out fly it and catch up to it for a easy dinner.

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