The house unicorn


The house unicorn, which is a rare breed of unicorn is found in villages. Every weekend, unicornologists gather that they have houses on there backs. During recent lockdown periods unicornologists found out they live in the house on there back. To the delight of many citizens, the house unicorn loves the colure green and loves to run in the long green grass. However, they struggle to get in side them.

Would you be able to recognise a house unicorn if you saw one. Like most winged horses. They have toxic wing’s, green and black fluffy tail and tow green see through horns. The main feature is that they have a different shaped house. They have the ability to shake the house of and then go in them. This is why they are called house unicorns. Up close you will see that they have long flat backs. Generally house unicorns catch there prey and then lick them and them eat. The majority of house unicorns have tiny wings. However most house unicorns live in villages.

The house unicorn which has to live near other houses. The house unicorn likes to leave  its house in the closest village and go hunt for rabbits and squirrels to eat before it goes to sleep. Generally the house unicorn gets distracted and stops looking for food and starts playing in the over grown grass. Curiously it likes to argue with dead trees.

Many people believe that house unicorns give children a ride where ever they want. Generally house unicorns are very polite but don’t feed them anything else but rabbits and squirrels else it will kill you. Adults only go to adult house unicorn because the baby one will think you are threatening it and then it will demolish you.

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  1. Ok this is a great post. But in the sentence. They lick them and then eat. You accidentally put them instead of then. So i just suggest you read your work before posting, but it’s still a great piece of work. Well done.

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