the storm unicorm

The storm unicorn which is a rare type of species of flying unicorns . Which is found in the clouds . Every two weeks unicornologists collect near the clouds to find out more about these marvellous animals during recent lockdown periods. These moon unicorns have been hard to spot but have travelled through the sky and have been seen flying through thunder and lighting . To the joy of many people , the storm unicorn has been seen in town taking advantage of coursing storms everywhere . However there is more to find out about these unknown creatures .  



What do they look like ? The storm unicorn has a lightning shaped freckle on the right cheek it has raven grey eyes that have night vision . It has a galaxy coloured mane . The unicorn has large rough wings . It has a horn that shoots lightning and thunder .   


Many people assume that the storm unicorn can be found in a forest but this has yet to be approved. If you think that it lives in your area , It is probably best to keep it to yourself . They prefer to have a private life if you have built their trust . Remember though , these are crazy unknown animals so don’t try to touch or overwhelm them as they resent such an intrusion. Let’s keep these peaceful unique creatures safe for future generations .  

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