The jumping Jack unicorn

The jumping Jack unicorn!!!!!!!


There are many different breeds of unicorns and one of the most intriguing is the Jumping Jack unicorn. Very little is known about the variety because the live in the trees so it is barely seen.


However, the Jumpin Jack unicorn is mostly found in the Amazon rainforest. It is barely seen because it lives in the trees. It can also be found in bushes looking for sacks.


How does it look? They have turquoise sea blue horns and eyes like pools of blood. Their wings are the color of lumps of coal their legs are as  long a giraffe’s neck also has ren silky luscious hair.


The diet of the Jumping Jack unicorn these creatures are addicted to meat they are like Bear Grylls they’ll eat anything that is meat  there diet is mostly wolves and foxes and other meaty stuff. Other Jumping Jack unicorns are vegetarians but one is meat eater. 


Many people believe that the jumping jack unicorns behavior is that when they are scared the camouflage in  to a different colour. Also, if they can’t find water they drink blood.


If you do see a Jumping Jack unicorn you may be exited but do not touch them because they are scard of you and might think you are trying to attack them. We need to protect them for the future.

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