The Flame unicorn

The Flame unicorn.


Unicorns are the most intriguing cultures on earth and they all have different abilities  but the Flame unicorn is the most fascinating one. It has a really violent behaviour so no one goes near it.


Where does it live?


If you want to find this uneek creature you will need to know where it lives. The Flame unicorn lives in an active volcano to stay away from other unicorns that are more powerful than it. Really rarely you will see the Flame unicorn roaming around on land for food, since there is no food in the volcano because the lava is liquid. Amazingly the Flame unicorn can stand the temperatures of the volcano!


What does it look like?


Scientists have never seen it but people who were taking pictures of volcanoes sometimes see the Flame unicorn blasting out of a volcano, so scientists have a brief idea of what it looks like. They say it has huge jagged stone hooves that are made to kill predators that threaten the Flame unicorn, it has a long scaly horn like a snake’s skin. The tail is really skinny and has spikes on it. The body is really buff and has flames jumping out of it.


What does it eat?


It sometimes eats other unicorns but only if it has to. But its favourite food is humans but it will also eat anything else except for the sea unicorn because if it ets that it will turn to stone and that’s one of the unicorns that are more powerful than the Flame unicorn. The Flame unicorn sometimes will eat other Flame unicorns only if they are starving.


Save them!


These animals are endangered  because of there really violent behavior. So please if you see one don’t kill it save it.


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