The lava unicorn

The lava unicorn


There are many different unicorns, but one of the most fascinating is the magnificent lava unicorn. No one has really spotted it in plain sight but it has been seen controlling the lava and volcano at the depths of midnight.


The lava unicorn, which lives in active volcanos, stays in molten hot lava to keep itself alive. Because after a few days it would collapse and die. It has been seen swimming in lava pools around forests. So maybe some could be living around there now.


This creature, which has molten hot wings, bloody eyes, stretchy hooves like elastic bands and a sharp needle-point horn and golden shiny scales. This unicorn has stretchy hooves so it can grapple onto mountains and volcanoes if it’s majestic wings are tired. They use their burning knife like horn to stab them into predators and if they strike it will put them on fire! His golden scales are shiny and lovely and it is also deadly in a weird way if you stare at it for too long it would make you blind. There are about 11,00 to 12,00 of them on earth so if you see one it is pretty rare. Also the lava unicorn has two secret powers one of them is that when he takes damage or get hurt it makes him even stronger the next one is that he is immortal!


The lava unicorn also known as the guardians of volcanoes feeds on mammals in the woods or somewhere else. They eat their prey raw as they like it like that. They kill their prey by sticking their burning horn into them and wait until they collapse to the shaky emerald green ground. Sometimes if they can’t find any prey they eat leaves from tall trees and bushes.n Fascinatingly, they will die if they don’t eat food for two months which is pretty long. They also don’t drink water because if they drink too much they would die so they drink lava instead.


Weirdly, this species breathes fire onto large forests and trees and watches them burn as they like seeing fire destroy things. Interestingly, they spend most of their free time swimming and diving in lakes which they put lava in and swim around in it as that relaxes them. For fun, they go to caves and ruins and find jewels and take them back to their homes and keep them as treasures and memories.


If you see this run away fast or you will be their lunch! Anyway would you be able to spot this animal? This animal is too strong if it starts coming towards you just run and run and run! As writing this is the most deadly animal ever!!!       

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