The secret of the eclipsecorn by phoebe

The eclipsecorn is one of the most rare breeds of unicorn.Because of that little is known of it.

Look at  My deathly look.

The eclipsecorn mostly has inky wings as ragged as an old dress.this legendary creature has angel and demon eyes,shadows flying out of it and a mane made of light.Sadly there is only one Eclipsecorn herd left on earth.

The beast’s forbidden home

The shadowy creature is not in this word.But thanks to modern unicorn researchers they have discovered that the Eclipsecorn lives in the underworld! If you are lucky you can see the Eclipsecorn when the eclipse has shown at mount everest.However stay away from the Eclipsecorn because it might just steal your SOUL!               Yummy in MY tummy!

The Eclipsecorn has a small diet jue to the fact that it hibernates most of the year. One day of the year the eclipsecorns gather ( which is rare) to feast then go back to caves in the underworld.


The beasts are known for the soul taking they do.Unfortunately they are famous for child’s hope stealing. To repel them ask the local life unicorn to help (there is always a life unicorn in a town).

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