The storm unicorn.

The Storm Unicorn.


Across the world there are many different types of unicorns however one of the most intriguing one is the storm unicorn as very little is known because they are far up in the mountains.


Where the storm unicorn lives.

Storm unicorns surprisingly live near rock pools at the peak of mountains. People usually think they live in the sky due to them being called ‘The storm unicorn’ but they actually live on the top of mountains so they can drink,rest and play. The temperature on the mountains are -2 degrees since storm unicorns love the cold as the cold enables their powers.


What do storm unicorns look like?

You may be wondering what the storm unicorn looks like. Well I’m about to tell you. Interestingly they have soft cottony wings, a crystal turquoise horn,sharp heavy hooves, a white silky mane and a large lightning bolt engraved into its torso. It also has black piercing eyes.


What is the storm unicorns diet?

The storm unicorn,which eats insects,mountain goats and plants growing in the mountains. They can also store food in their stomach if they are not hungry. Surprisingly they can last 2 weeks without food.


Storm unicorns behaviour?

Generally, the storm unicorn plays with its horn by shooting lightning out of it. They tend to chase other unicorns as well as fight with each other!


Did you know these facts?

Amazingly, The storm unicorn can shapeshift when they see threats or prey. This makes it easier for them to camouflage themselves.

Weirdly, the storm unicorn is related to the ocean unicorn as they both came from the same unicorn.

Unusually the storm unicorn finds it funny to scare other animals. When animals come close to them they lash out and make a squealing noise!


What should you do if you found one in public?

If you see one of these majestic creatures on your local street they’re probably lost. They love eating ants so get a jar and fill it up with the tiny insects. Don’t try to ride them otherwise you’re risking death. Once you’ve gained their trust, tell an adult with a good reputation and ask them to build a shelter for them. Unfortunately, there are loads of people out there who slaughter and hunt these creatures so keep the nest in a deserted area.

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