Unicorn Report

The Devil Unicorn


Have you ever seen this type of unicorn? (Devil Unicorn) Did you know, scientists say that there are only 13 ever left in the world!? Interestingly they live in the UNDERWORLD.

My style..

The devil unicorn with a dark red fire horn which has blood dripping out of his teeth (always) with only 1 of the species that has a razor sharp trident. And another one can be recognised with a birthmark shaped as a Goliath Birdeater. None of them really have style, they’re all dark, sad creatures who hate love and kisses and yucky stuff.


My shelter..

The rare Devil Unicorn’s live in the UNDERWORLD from 37-40 Deathinburgh Street. No unicorns can get in except the owners because the doors are camouflaged. The houses are made out of lava and the interior is just blood and corpses.



Devil unicorns drink sweet, soury blood and human intestines (yuck). And for their desert they have red velvet cake with a brain on top. Where do they get it from? At sunset they go hunt down for Unicorn Chasers (Cruel people who catch unicorns)

My reactions

The Devil Unicorn is a mean, cruel creature. All Devil Unicorns have serious anger issues. If anybody talks back to them, they get furious really quick (then they get their assistants to punish them)

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