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Fire unicorn



The fire unicorn is one of the breeds of the most rare unicorns. It is very interesting to learn




Surprisingly the fire unicorn is covered in molten fire. The wings are very strong and made out   

of flames. Its horn is as sharp as a sword and swirled. Its hooves are curved like a shining black

hook. Its mane is crimson red and it is as soft as cotton. 




The fire unicorn mostly lives in volcanoes but some have been seen in big mountains. They live

in central China isolated from people and other living creatures. They only live around rocks and

fire. Amazingly, they share habitats with other unicorns like rock unicorns!




The fire unicorn mostly eats hot food but they have been spotted eating leaves and fruit such as

Mango and apples. Interestingly the fire unicorn usually eats burnt food.  Weirdly There diet is 

based on hard food like rocks, wood and stone. The fire unicorn are very greedy so if you see one      

hide your food.





 It likes to go on rides with orks and dragons on the other hand the fire unicorn is not friendly be warned. They are usually in groups of  5-10, witch are usually going to get rocks to eat 

       If you are lucky enough to one it will grant you 5 wishes, witch will be slowly taken away. 



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