water unicorns by Kreshnik

The Water Unicorn

Have you seen a Water Unicorn?

Did you know that Water Unicorns could live up to 1000 years old?

In addition they are very skilled at battle.


                                                 Have you seen them?

              It is common for Water Unicorns to have white fur and sapphire blue wings, however you rarely ever see blue fur Water Unicorns. Amazingly these rare creatures have blue eyes and have an aura which looks as peaceful and as calm as the ocean waves on a scorching sunny day.



Have you seen my hidden habitat?

Amazingly Water Unicorns live at the land of the sea above it is magical place where all Unicorns

Live together in peace and harmony as the sun rises the unicorns leave the land of the sea above and drop down on earth to collect food and make sure that fire unicorns there forbidden enemy is not on earth terrorising people and making the earth in to ashes additionally water unicorns come every year to collect snowflakes and they have a big feast

What do they eat?

Water unicorns only need to acquire a very small amount of food. Every year a special water unicorn goes and collects a feast for everyone. Did you know that water unicorns don’t need food for a whole entire year however the rare water unicorns don’t need food for 5 years this is because these rare unicorns travel for years and years for the galaxy that is why they only need to acquire a tiny amount of food.


Behavior is it good or is it bad?

The Water Unicorns are very gentle and calm they like humans every once and a while the w

Water Unicorns visit the humans and they get along very since the Water Unicorns first language was english. Sometimes the humans invite unicorns to there house and the Water Unicorns give children a ride through the sky.


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