Monk Unicorn By Saif


Have you ever met a Monk Unicorn? This type of Unicorn is a special type  because it is the last one left and it is most intriguing and so rare.He is twenty hands tall and ten hands long. You will never ever see this kind of creature in your life because it’s habitat is way way hidden. Unlike other Unicorns because you only see them in white. However legend says there is an ebony and scarlet Unicorn. Monk Unicorns are calm creatures they will never attack you, but interestingly this one is only 12 years old. He only collects space dust, some weird feathers and animals.

My Appearance

Unicorns have very special appearances. In fact, it’s so special that they have their own shapes and sizes. But this Monk Unicron has a very different style. He has an orange and yellow gi with blue arrow tattoos from head to toe and that is the tattoo to know if it’s a Monk Unicorn. He has bright white teeth like the snow, prestigious wings and spiritual hooves. This Unicorn has diamond daggering jaws pacing like the flash. Did you know Monk Unicorns as they trod along they shoot out spiritual energy? Interestingly, Monk Unicorn is the only Unicorn to be descended from the gods of the air and is one a mission to protect Earth.

I Spy…

Unicorns normally live in forests because, did you know they are so intensely shy. That’s why they hide behind trees because they are really scared, unlike the Monk Unicorn he lives at the East Air Temple. This Temple is one of the remotest in the world. Luckily, the Monk Unicorn always leaves a trail so he will be visible. The Temple is so secret that a few can reach it. Surprisingly, it’s so secret that his horn grants him the power to teleport anywhere, even his Temple. In his Temple he creates a plan to destroy the inferior Evil Unicorn. In addition to  when we sleep, Unicorns come out at dawn and fly to their land. The Monk’s Temple is a spiritual place because of his meditation, and fortunately if you will ever see a Monk Unicorn it will probably be when he parkours from cloud to cloud.

What Do Unicorns

Eat For Dinner?

Interestingly, since Unicorns are similar to horses they have the same diet like, same portion of grass and water. Even roots and nuts. However the Monk Unicorn majority of the time munches on steak kebabs and fortune cookies, especially fortune cookies because he can tel the future and then he knows which fortune he gets. In addition, the Monk Unicorn also eats rice because when he eats rice the strength goes into the horn which grants him to teleport. Furthermore, they can also be tempted with apples and carrots.

My Personality!

The Monk Unicorn is very friendly. He is kind and passionate. He loves being patient and loves waiting for people to do their first move. In addition he loves being quiet, he’s also really shy. Furthermore, his behaviour is always tiring because he carries out a whole Temple himself.  The Monk Unicorn loves putting people in front of him, he always cares, helps and is an excellent friend if you ever met one. Currently if you befriend a Unicorn he will always become your assistant

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