A Naive Child

Scott couldn’t rip his gaze from the elegant, engraved golden skull. Even with the presence of the shopkeeper looming over him like an ominous shadow, he motioned to pick it up again. The shopkeeper…

“Please put that down, young man,” the shopkeeper implored, “Put that down,” he hissed, losing patience.

They hear the sound of smashing china in the next room. Once the shopkeeper had disappeared behind the curtains, Scott took his chance. He was now alone with the magnificent skull: he picks it up…

“Finally,” sighed Scott. A tearing and shredding as though of paper filled his ears. The world around him seemed to tear like a photograph. Scott was paralysed, he couldn’t even close his eyes. He felt a sensation as though of falling from a tall building, then he felt heat like the desert sun. Scott tasted sweat in his mouth.

Stuffiness, dust and sand. Out of the corner of his eye, Scott spotted a golden face whose eyes stared unblinkingly at something he couldn’t see. Scott looked around and stared at glittering, marvellous, crimson rubies. He also spotted Gold and a hint of silver, it was like a river overflowing.

Scott recognised that the face he saw earlier was a mummy…


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