The Frosty Emporium

*Chapter 2 – inside of the emporium

As they walked closer to the door, you could hear a noise…. but it was an unusual noise….it was a mix of a screaming pig and a cat that is terrified of a dog. They boys where even more scared now, but the gate already closed behind them. They were at the door and beside it had wooden planks that say “GO AWAY” and “LEAVE NOW”  but they went in anyway. The first thing they saw was another door with a keypad needing a passcode but luckily they can do as many try’s as they want. The first code they tried was 9473 but that didn’t work but they weren’t surprised because it was just a random 4 number code that they thought of. Next they tried 0000 because they thought it would have been that hard of a passcode but that didn’t work either. After that they thought that 3rd time is the charm so they tried 1234 and surprisingly it acutely worked. So they were inside the emporium and they first thing that they saw was a massive pot it looked like a witches pot so they were extra scared now.


As they went past the massive pot they saw a kitchen it looked pretty innocent and decent, so they decided to investigate the kitchen. The first thing that they did was open the draws and it was pretty normal so far, there was just stuff like spoons, forks and knifes basically some stuff that you would normally find in a normal persons kitchen. Then they decided to look inside of the cupboard and it was alright… I guess. There was frog stew, turtle stew, an rotten apple  so they just closed the cupboard straight away. Then since there was nothing else in the kitchen they went upstairs. The first thing that they saw was a sign that says “ My Room” so they knew straight away it was the witches room.

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