A story of magic



There are some places where people are interested to have a peek inside but don’t. The mystic emporium was like that.


Even though beautiful Russian dolls were displayed. Even though old bridals stood strong there as if they were brand new. Even though a crate of intriguing musket balls took its place on the side. Even though the fresh smell of bread always lingered in the air. Even though a bright collection of gems and jewelry glittered just in seeing distance.


But no matter what was on display or how tempting it was to go in no one dared to go in. Until Myrtle did.


Chapter 1 – Inside


Myrtle nervously took a step inside the mystic emporium as she stood there shocked. A big lizard slithered across the dirty floor making Myrtle jump out of her skin as the lizard climbed on top of the chest full of gems and glittery things. Myrtle stood and glanced at the cobwebs, that were full of spiders, and at the moth bitten curtains as she took another look at the lizard who was now hissing at her disapprovingly.  


Chapter 2 – Warning not listened to


´´What are you doing in my emporium? My name is Mario Silver and you are not supposed to be in my shop“ The eccentric shop owner exclaimed as Myrtle backed away slowly ´´You can stay but don’t touch any of the books, they’re precious.“ He suggested walking away with his lizard petting it. She wandered around the shop admiring all of the old stuffed dolls and animals and at the same time thinking about why the books were so precious. She peeped up the stairs to see if she could spot Mr Silver then she crept away and snuck one of the books and left the shop quickly with no notice.

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