The Emporium of light


Some places lead to danger, but others lead to excitement, imagination or joy, and this specific Emporium will lead to much joy to not only you, but the world.

This Emporium may seem bad since all the lights are off and every inch is black further beyond there, there is much excitement and fun.But one day the doors were open the lights were on and still no one entered, until there came George. He was curious about what would happen when he entered.To much happened at once.

There was an old toy that sat on the ground staring at 

him.George didn’t dare to move, the toys eyes glinted.

Chapter one – Inside

George had much curiosity inside him, his mind would fill with thoughts when he passed the emporium but he had been told never to go near it. It was at that moment that he knew, everyone told him to not go near it, they were hiding something from him. George was with his friends and they yet again passed the emporium, this time it was full of life and sounds,it was like a carnival all in a small building.Georges friend Tommy dared him to go inside, “Gogy are you scared?”Tommy whined

“What do you think?” George emphasised, He hated being called Gogy.Clay decided that he should join in the argument “Well Tommy, why don’t we all go? If you’re not afraid go ahead.”

The three of them looked at each other and they entered the emporium. Tommys fear sank deep inside him; he was trembling.”Gogy…you go first…”whispered Tommy

“Ok..I’ll go first,” George Whispered back.

There was a rustle among the walls,Tommy jerked with fear.A small lifeless doll appeared on the floor,it splattered onto the floor.Suddenly,it got back up.

Chapter 2 – The greeting

Tommy , George and Clay all glared at it in alarm.

“Don’t go behind the shelves.” whispered the doll.The three of them stood around the doll staring in awe.

“Don’t go behind the shelves? There’s nothing behind there!What silly nonsense is this?”Clay laughed trying to reassure himself. They all walked to the back of the emporium and  peered around the shelves.There was a phoenix absorbing the surrounding light, its feathers glowing bright.”What is that?” Said George shielding his eyes from the blinding lights.

“It’s a..a..phoenix,”said Tommy reaching his arm out to touch it.

“Hey! Don’t touch it!” came a voice from the shadows

Tommy immediately brought  his arm back to his side.

“Who…are you?” questioned tommy.

“I.”said the shadows ” Am Techno! Owner of the emporium!” He said triumphantly, stepping out of the shadows. Techno was a tall man with deep fiery hair. His suit is made of fine leather.”You must be Tommy, George and Clay” he said, gesturing at each of them.

“How do you know?” siad Clay suspiciously

“I have my ways..” Said techno, suddenly disappearing.

“Weird,” Said Tommy. Suddenly the phoenix soared up into the sky.then an entrance to a great big room opened. The three of them entered it cautiously. “Maybe it’s the key to open this or you have to go up into the sky to open it.Maybe it was techno!” George said enthusiastically.They stood in silent amazement .

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