A Warning Disobeyed

Chapter 2 – A Warning Disobeyed


My name is Christopher Silver echoed a voice as Poppy enters the mysterious looking shop  a little terrified.” Hello,” cried Poppy who was now trembling with fear, anybody hear, no reply, suddenly she heard a voice call out, in an instant Poppy mumbled something under her breath. She now was extremely terrified, her hands were shaking uncontrollably and her mouth became frozen, she was speechless for a moment. All of a sudden, a voice came within the shadows,

” Who are you and what are you doing in my shop?” Poppy was extremely scared and at this point the only thing that came out of her mouths was a,

 ” I am Poppy  and I was just exploring out of curiosity.” He didn’t let her finish before he butted in.

” Then why are you out here? Come on in. Come on.

A moment later, Poppy was in the most breath-taking place you could have imagined. There was a glistening  diamond  chandelier hung high above your heads and every shelf was stacked with either ruby or emerald in its own unique form and the texture was spectacular. However there was one item that caught her eye the moment she laid eyes on it. It was the Book of Wonders…

It was covered in all diamond from top to bottom. In  the centre of the book in gold was written  The Book of Wonders. Poppy was astonished she couldn’t believe such a book existed so she pinched herself hard maybe a little too hard. Never the less she was too mesmerized by its beauty that she didn’t even feel a thing until she saw a mark on her right arm.

All of a sudden, she heard a voice behind her,” Only touch what is for sale,” called a voice. She turned ever so slightly only to find a dark shadow overcome her but she realized it was just Mr Silver! Although  she  calmed down she knew she could never forget that look that he gave her. Even though  she was just staring down at the book, she began being a little more cautious around him. However, she never stopped visiting the Emporium whenever her mother wasn’t looking. And that’s how her journey started of her visiting the Emporium which was still a mysterious yet fascinating place for her to spend time in.

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