Exclusive report by Sammy Sino, Mystical Saver Correspondent, U.K Daily News

Yesterday morning, Bane Barny, 57 years old, reported the sighting of five winged horses circling over his cottage like vultures.

Barny, who lives in Whispering Willow, added that he was very worried and scared. He stated,

“I am worried because Whispering Willow contains lots of trolls which might want to hurt these magnificent creatures.” He went on to describe them as small but with very big wings, roughly 1.5m in size and 3.5m in wingspan!

Other residents in Whispering Willow are setting up traps for the trolls. So far, only three trolls have been captured, but scientists have a theory that in a year or so, only one hundred trolls will be left.

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